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Μαντήλι μεταξωτό “ΕΡΩΣ ΚΑΙ ΨΥΧΗ”

‹Επιστροφή στην Προηγούμενη Σελίδα


An exquisite staple of 100% Silk in pastel colors that make it the perfect choice to accompany your every look.
A unique quality silk scarf that is hand-sewn with special Laser treatment.
In her touch, one recognizes quality, texture, a unique caress that embraces your body.

A Story of Love that has passed through the ages of Eros and Soul.
When God was Love struck by his arrows and madly loved a Soul mortal. Aphrodite was jealous of her beauty and divorced the young people in love.
After incredible trials, they re-mixed forever.

An ideal gift for you and your girlfriends, who will accompany you on every occasion, morning and evening with whatever combination of clothing you choose and will make it unique.

The shavers are hand-crafted with special Laser treatment in eco-friendly colors. From 100% silk.

Color: Pastel

Dimensions: 2m x70cm

Composition: 100% silk with handmade seam.

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Calliope Psoma

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